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Project: T194700 #50/156

This report was undertaken to investigate the total ownership cost of new technologies/equipment installed on modernized distribution grids. The goal of this study is to provide an indication of the magnitude of initial, operating, maintenance, and disposal costs that would be expected for intelligent devices, including reclosers, switches, voltage regulators, revenue meters, and fault indicators; communications technologies to support intelligent device applications; and operating technologies such as distribution management systems (DMS), advanced distribution management systems (ADMS), and distributed energy resource management system (DERMS). A search of published case studies was undertaken, and surveys of distribution utilities and technology vendors were conducted to identify the current state of the art in each of the technologies, the range of costs throughout the technology lifecycle, and the quantitative and qualitative factors that determine these costs. This cost information is synthesized into a tool allowing utilities to perform a high-level analysis of the total costs associated with implementing various distribution modernization projects.


Distribution modernization, total ownership cost, intelligent devices, communications, operating technologies, reclosers, switches, voltage regulators, revenue meters, fault indicators, distribution management, advanced distribution management, distributed energy resources.