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Project: T154700 #5171

This project provides an extensive report on the causes of harmonic resonances and their potential adverse impacts based on actual instances worldwide. The different techniques for prediction and analysis of both parallel and series resonances are illustrated. Furthermore, the methods of validation of results of such techniques with field data are described. Techniques are suggested for utilizing the power quality data for predicting the onset of potentially dangerous harmonic resonances in the grid. The performances of various methods for mitigating the harmonic resonances in utility distribution networks are elucidated and compared. Recommendations are provided to utilities for advanced planning for dealing with the adverse effects of network resonances.

It is expected that this report will bring a clearer understanding for utilities, PV/ wind plant owners,and system operators about the impact of network resonances and the potential of damage to their assets. The utilities will also get a comprehensive understanding of the mitigation techniques to be adopted for alleviating any adverse impacts of the network resonances in their systems.

This will encourage utilities and system operators to consider performing harmonic frequency analysis as a part of comprehensive system engineering program to identify harmonic problems early and correct them as part of the initial project design and construction. This is because identifying a network resonance problem, and implementing a correction after a project goes into operation takes time. Further, significant revenues could be lost in addition to damaged components.


Harmonics, Network Resonance, Parallel Resonance, Series Resonance, Filters, Passive filters, Active Filters, Harmonic analysis, Harmonic measurements