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Project: T164700 #5173

This report presents an overview of the state of the art and effectiveness of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in mitigation of various power quality problems, such as, voltage sags/swells, voltage fluctuations in PV/wind farm connected distribution systems, voltage unbalance, voltage flicker, harmonics, momentary power interruptions, etc.

Smart inverter functions are illustrated with applications. The importance of these functions in reducing the need of energy storage capacity for specific PQ mitigation applications is explained.

Case studies of mitigation of different PQ problems with various ESS technologies are presented both for grid-connected and microgrid systems.

Detailed breakup of different costs including ESS equipment cost, plant cost, interconnection cost, installation cost and operating costs of different energy storage technologies utilized for power quality applications are presented with economies of scale.

Several worldwide grid-connected and microgrid installations of ESS technologies in accomplishing various grid support functions including alleviation of PQ issues are also presented in this report.


Energy Storage, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Smart Inverters, Real Power Control, Reactive Power Control, Flywheel Energy Storage Systems, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Microgrid, Voltage Control, Power Quality, Frequency Regulation