Project: T184700 #5179A

Objective 1: Developing a simple and useful measurement-based method to screen/survey the severity of harmonic voltage induction. This objective will be achieved by:

  • Adopting the probe-wire method for pipeline induction assessment;
  • Developing methods for using and interpreting the measurement results;
  • Quantifying the severity and characteristics of harmonic induction through field measurements

Objective 2: Extending the 60Hz voltage induction assessment method to the harmonic currents. This research involves

  • Establishing models of harmonic circuits for assessment
  • Developing methods to determine circuit model parameters at harmonic frequencies
  • Constructing the overall assessment method and strategy
  • Conducting sensitivity studies to identify key impact factors (such as soil resistivity, pipeline coating material etc.)

 Objective 3: Preparing an educational style report to enable project sponsors to gain a solid understanding on the harmonic voltage induction problem. The report will, for example, provide:

  • Intuitive explanations on the mechanisms and characteristics of harmonic induction
  • Guidelines for harmonic voltage induction assessment
  • Guidelines for using probe-wire based measurement method