Project: T214700 #5181

To assist utility customers in understanding some power quality (PQ) topics, brochures and short booklets are being published by CEATI. Each brochure covers one specific technical PQ topic at a level appropriate for the non-specialist; booklets get into a bit more depth. Member utilities are welcome to hand these out to their customers as an independent 3rd party guide for improving customer equipment resilience to upsetting events, and to prevent some common mistakes in the design of customer power systems. When used in this manner these brochures should also help strengthen customer-utility relationships.


Most of these brochures were originally published over the 1995-2011 time period by the Power Quality Service Center (PQSC), a member-driven organization similar to CEATI but much more limited in scope to helping utility customers with power quality topics. With the dissolution of the PQSC in 2012 PQSC member utilities reached an agreement with CEATI, then in 2013 formally transferred ownership of all PQSC intellectual property to CEATI.


Because the original PQSC brochures were only available to PQSC members in pdf format and some updating was required, these brochures are being changed to a current desktop publishing format with the native files owned by and in possession of CEATI. The brochures are also undergoing technical updating by PQAT members and CEATI staff as time and resources allow.