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Project: T101700 #7051

The EEVC1 software is designed to help North America’s electric motor service centers (MotorRewind Shops) to estimate the full-load and partial-load efficiency of 3-phase/60Hz refurbishedinduction motors. The software is supported by a database of a large number of induction motorstested in Laboratoire des Technologies de l'Énergie, Institut de Recherche, Hydro-Québec,Shawinigan, Québec, CANADA. The software is designed based on the Institute of Electrical andElectronics Engineers IEEE Std 112™-2004 and the Canadian Standards Association CAN/CSAC392-11 standards

Value and benefits provided by the EEVC1 software are:

  • A tool to replace the expensive conventional method (dynamometer procedure) of testinginduction motors for efficiency estimation
  • Easily used in most of North America’s electric motor centers
  • Does not need any of data logging equipment
  • Uses only RMS values
  • Compatible with most computer Windows-based operating systems

Keywords: EEVC1, Full-Load Efficiency, Induction Motor, Stator Winding Resistance, Stator Temperature,Rotor Resistance, Leakage Reactance, IEEE Std 112™-2004, CAN/CSA C392-11