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Project: T121700 #7058

Demand response (DR) programs are pursued to reduce peak demand during certain periods of time and to address issues related to electricity network reliability and/or high wholesale market prices.

The unique challenge of corroborating the results of different demand response (DR) initiatives by a measurement and verification (M&V) process lies in the fact that a wide variety of DR programs, including time-based rates and incentive-based programs, have been and will be implemented by utilities and aggregators in North America and elsewhere. In the U.S. alone, more than 600 initiatives have been implemented and they can be divided into some 20 different types of DR initiatives.

Since the topic is vast and complex, this report provides a high-level compilation of the current practices in M&V of DR initiatives. It describes how the different DR initiative types may impact the M&V activities and provides guidance on how to plan and implement an M&V process. It also refers to numerous standards and protocols that have been published on the topic to allow the reader to do further reading about and develop a deeper understanding of the general concepts.


Demand response (DR), measurement and verification (M&V), peak demand, peak load reduction