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Project: T161700 #7067

The overarching objective of this project is to guide sponsor utilities through the various methodological approaches that are used in the industry for deriving demand impact estimates for DSM measures. This is an important research area because capacity planning is a critical activity for utilities and system operators, and it is often not clear which approaches may be the most applicable in each situation. Different types of measures may utilize various methods to calculate the impact load shapes; this depends on how the reductions are achieved, either as simple efficiency improvements or measures that change the load shape, such as lighting occupancy sensors or heatpumps and thermal storage. In our approach, we documented current and past approaches in the industry, identified best practices, assessed the strengths and drawbacks of each, and also offered new approaches that should be considered in the future as they may leverage new types of data sources.


Demand side management, DSM, Peak demand methods, Energy conservation measures