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Project: T191700 #7070

The objective of this study was to develop supporting research and substantiation documents to launch a prescriptive CDM or DSM program encouraging the use of closed refrigerated display cases in the food retail sector. The study focused on the regions of Ontario in Canada and the Southeastern United States.

The study interviewed key market actors including DSM program delivery agents, manufacturers, food retailers, relevant associations, and refrigeration experts. It included a review of literature concerning refrigeration systems and display cases, as well as a jurisdictional scan of related energy efficiency programs and TRMs. The research focused on the following key areas: technology characterization, market characterization, energy savings assessment, and barrier analysis. The study concluded that the penetration of existing open display cases is high, ranging from 50% to 80%. There is no indication that the marketplace has shifted to using closed display cases as the standard replacement at equipment end of life or for new construction scenarios. Barriers to the uptake of closed display cases exist, but can be addressed through a CDM/DSM program offering.


Food Retail, Refrigeration, Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Management (DSM), Conservation and Demand Management (CDM), Refrigerated Display Case, Self-Contained Display Case, Remote Display Case, Glass Door Retrofit, Night Covers