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Project: 815 #G664

Pulse-jet fabric filters (PJFFs) are widely used in U.S. industrial boiler applications and in utility and industrial boilers abroad. Their smaller size and reduced cost relative to more conventional baghouses make PJFFs appear to be a particularly attractive particulate control option for utility and industrial boilers: for both new plants as well as retrofits and for the range of boiler types from stocker-to-pulverized-fired boilers and fluidized-bed combustors.

This report presents the results of a survey co-funded by the Electric Power Research Institute and the Canadian Electric Association to characterize the performance of and operating experiences with PJFFs applied to coal-fired boilers. The survey involved site visits to interview technical and plant personnel involved in the design, installation and day-to-day operation of PJFFs. In this way, actual field experiences worldwide with PJFF performance in terms of outlet emissions and pressure drop, bag life, different types of pulse-jet cleaning methods and fabrics, startup/shutdown and O&M procedures, and the myriad design details were compared.