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Project: 824 #G714

Various steps are involved in S02 removal by furnace injection of dry or slurry calcium-based sorbents (limestone and hydrated lime). These include evaporation of slurry droplets, sorbent particle heat-up, activation of sorbent by calcination, reduction in active sorbent surface area by sintering, and sulfation of calcined sorbent. A computer program was developed for simulation of the overall S02 removal process with dry and slurry injection of calcium-based sorbents. An existing model for sulfation and sintering of calcined sorbent, Ca0, based upon a simple grain structure was adapted in this program. The slurry droplet evaporation, particle heat-up, and sorbent calcination steps were assumed to be instantaneous in the overall model compared to the sulfation step. The effect of sorbent injection on furnace time/temperature profile and particle size reduction was taken into account.

Available dry and slurry sorbent injection data collected at the Ontario Hydro Research Division's Combustion Research Facility were compared with model predictions with good agreement.