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Project: 956 #G796

The model was developed to solve a system of rate equations governing the evolution of the species participating in a set of coupled chemical reactions from their assumed initial values under adiabatic constant pressure conditions. The scheme includes mixing effects to solve the system of rate equations. Included within the databases of combustion related reactions are: (i) the C/H/O system (H2, CO, and small hydrocarbon combustion); (ii) the N/H/O system (NOX formation); and (iii) H2S oxidation. Thermochemical data required for calculating reverse rate constants are taken from the NASA T-polynomial expansions.

A floppy diskette with an executable file prog.exe is provided. The computational fluid dynamics code FLUENT was used to compute a propane flame for the Ontario Hydro Technologies Combustion Research Facility, CRF. Considerable effort was expended in simplifying the complex burner design of the CRF so that more generic computations appropriate to the project's requirements could be performed. A start was made on the computation of pulverized coal flames for this combustion. In addition to this, RTI's furnace slurry injection code was extensively tested in respect to its adequacy for incorporation into the present study.