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Project: 9011 #G824

The objective of CEA Project 9011 G 824 is a comparative assessment of advanced fossil powergeneration cycles. Some 50 generation cycles were evaluated. Block diagram process flow sheetsand major stream flows were prepared for Eastern and Western Canadian design conditions. Forcoal-based power plants, two design cases are provided using an Eastern bituminous coal or aWestern subbituminous coal. The design cases and other power generation cycle data, includingconceptual costs, are documented in a Data Book.

The project also produced a set of computer performance spreadsheets. Spreadsheet users canassess generation and environmental performance for different fuels, plant capacities, and severalother variables.

Keywords: Fossil power generation; advanced power generation cycles; power generationperformance; costs.

6 Volumes:

Vol 1- Introduction and Pulverised Coal Power Generation.

Vol 2- Fluidized Bed Power Generation.

Vol 3- Gasification Combined Cycle Power Generation.

Vol 4- Fuel Cell Power Generation - Magnetohydrodynamic Power Generation.

Vol 5- Gas Turbine Power Generation.

Vol 6- Mild Gasification and Topping Cycles - Kalina Cycle.