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Project: 9131 #G891

The focus of this project was on improving limestone utilization in circulating fluidized bed combustors (CFBC's) through the reactivation and recycle of partially utilized sorbent present in the ash.

The first phase of the project involved a literature review, the outcome of which was a summary of possible methods of sorbent reactivation. The second phase involved a bench-scale study directed at investigating those methods of sorbent reactivation showing promise of being commercially viable.

The primary focus of the study was on investigating the effect of various parameters related to the process of reactivation on the extent of sorbent reactivation. Ash generated in a pilot scale CFBC using the same fuel and limestone as those being used in the 165 MWe ALSTOM PYROFLOW boiler at Pt. Aconi, N.S. was used as the subject ash in the study. In the following phase of the project, a pilot scale test was conducted in 0.6 MWth CFBC to investigate the effect of sorbent reactivation and recycle on limestone utilization. The test was conducted using fuel and limestone similar to that being used at Pt. Aconi.

The fourth and final phase of hte project was directed at determining the technical and economic impacts of the application of sorbent reactivation and recycle at Pt. Aconi.