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T044700 5057A 2006 DALCM
Electric Distribution Utility Roadmap: Planning for Now and 2010
In Phase I, an Electric Distribution Utility Roadmap report was released in January 2004, to provide a view of the evolution of the electric distribution utility environment over the next 20 years.

The objective of Phase II is to develop an actionable plan from the Phase I Technology Roadmap that can be followed by the distribution utilities to justify and implement the technology initiatives required to meet current and future business needs. The approach for this phase involved initiating the following three work streams:
  • Stream 5057A: Planning for Now & 2010to identify the key technologies required by the distribution utilities in the next five years and beyond
  • Stream 5057B: Common Infrastructurethe underlying common infrastructure including the enabling technologies needed
  • Stream 5057C: Case for Changeallows the distribution utility to assess their readiness for change, effectively communicates the need for change to key stakeholders and provides guidelines for transforming into the distribution utility of the future
This particular report covers the first work streamPlanning for Now & 2010.

Capgemini interviewed and consulted with internal & external subject matter experts, vendors, manufacturers and distribution utilities across the globe to update the Phase I Technology Roadmap. Input from DALCM participants was collected on challenges and selected technologies by customer density (mega-urban, urban, suburban and rural). This report also includes further insights on four key utility issues:
  • Regulation Impacts on Implementation of the Roadmap
  • Reliability and Power Quality
  • Aging Workforce
  • Integration of New Technologies

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