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T082700 0355 A 2009 HPLIG
Best Practice Guide for Planning and Executing Hydro Overhaul and Retrofit Projects

Building new hydro plants has become increasingly difficult in many jurisdictions due to financial, social and environmental considerations. Existing hydropower, however, has gained a significant advantage in new electrical markets as a flexible, low-cost and environmentally sustainable resource. Overhauling and retrofitting existing plants to extend life and increase output, where economically and technically feasible, often makes excellent business sense.

Technical knowledge on overhauls and retrofits is readily available in hydropower utilities and through consultants and equipment suppliers. Knowledge on managing the process to undertake these overhauls and retrofits in the most expeditious and cost effective manner is more elusive, particularly as many experienced staff are now retired.

The objective of this Best Practice Guide is to provide a series of processes for hydropower companies that will assist them in achieving optimal results from their overhaul and retrofit programs. This guide covers the full range of processes from identification of the need or opportunity, to the successful implementation and finalization of the project. Also included are best practices in enabling strategies, such as governance, project management, staff resourcing, IT and risk management, which cover the entire process.

This Best Practice Guide was sourced from a wide range of Industry Practice, gathered from the organizations comprising the project funding consortium, other HPLIG participant organizations, equipment suppliers, consultants and contractors, as well as from an extensive literature review.


Hydropower, hydro plant, overhaul, retrofit, refurbishment, asset management, best practice, guidelines.
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