In 2023, electric utilities faced more pressure than ever.

And through our work, CEATI helped our utility members address bold objectives such as controlling rates, while also transforming infrastructure to meet clean energy and reliability goals.

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Download CEATI’s 2023 Year in Review for insights about our most impactful work across the year:

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    11 collaborative R&D projects, guided by member input
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    11 compelling events, ranging from training workshops to conferences
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    Our utility members’ top priorities in 2023 and beyond
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    Benchmarking tools to help utilities advance their programs and processes
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Across 2023, CEATI completed 40 collaborative R&D projects, hosted 270 knowledge-sharing events, and added 58 new memberships to our community. We’re proud of our accomplishments and of our 155+ member organizations that support and guide our work.

CEATI 2023 Year in Review

Download "CEATI 2023 Year in Review"

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CEATI is a solution-driven network for power industry professionals.

CEATI supports the work of power industry professionals with relevant research, actionable resources & forums for knowledge exchange. With active participation from more than 155 member utilities worldwide, CEATI’s network provides access to industry-leading intelligence and offers members a cost-effective approach to inform and improve their decision-making.