Our power system is being tested. Resiliency should be our answer.

Extreme events continue to cause significant disruptions to our power system. It’s time for the industry to examine what resiliency really means, its value, and what would be required to ensure an adequate level of resiliency is provided across the grid.

Download CEATI’s white paper, Power System Resiliency: A Roadmap, to understand:

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    What power system resiliency is and what metrics are needed to measure it
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    The opportunities and challenges ahead to achieve a resilient grid
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    Ramifications a resiliency-focused approach could have on transmission line maintenance, planning, and design
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Achieving power system resilience is crucial for a modern infrastructure that sustains nearly all economic activities. While an overarching resilience framework does not exist yet, some actions can, and should, be taken now to start our journey toward this goal.

Resiliency Whitepaper

Download Power System Resiliency: A Roadmap

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