Extend the life, reliability, and performance of your transmission assets with our interest group. We provide expertise in condition assessment, inspection, and maintenance practices and techniques, and facilitate research to optimize the management of overhead transmission line assets.

Target Audience: Transmission Line Asset Managers and Engineers.

Highlighted Research

State of the Art Transmission Live Line Maintenance and Techniques
In recent years, knowledge of the equipment specification of major substation assets such as circuit breakers and switchgear has diminished, and fewer engineers are graduating from power-oriented programs.
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Guidelines for managing transmission line clearances
The management of electric transmission lines and rights-of-way clearances is a critical component of the safe and reliable operation of the North American power grid.
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Transmission Line Defect Rating Criteria and Methodology for Rating Defects
Consistent reporting by inspectors is critical to the effective asset management by the asset manager and is also a necessary element of any asset health index. Therefore, a practice that can be adopted by utilities for use in rating transmission line defects is developed.
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Upcoming Events

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Transmission & Distribution Conference 2024
Nov 19
Nov 20, 2024

Join us this November for our Transmission and Distribution Conference taking place in Palm Springs, CA on Nov 19-20, 2024! CEATI’s T&D Conference will focus on utility best practices, tools, and technologies to improve grid resiliency and reliability. Attendees will gain a better understanding of opportunities and tools available to aid in the adaptation to regulatory requirements and climate change.

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Highlighted Webinars

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September 13, 2022
Analytics for Maintenance of Overhead Transmission Lines
This webinar will discuss about a project whose objective is to develop analytics for the maintenance activities of overhead transmission line assets, such as asset condition assessment, repair and replacement decisions, performance monitoring, maintenance activities optimization and maintenance program development. The webinar will be presented by Greg Bennett of EDM International
May 26, 2022
Application of Artificial Intelligence in Overhead Transmission Lines Maintenance
This workshop by professor Athanasios Kolios of Ergovate Consulting session will lay the framework for a training program provided by Ergovate Consulting on the application of artificial intelligence in overhead transmission lines maintenance, an introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning, application-specific examples, and presentation of the training program.
June 15, 2022
Corrosion Workshop for Overhead Transmission Line Structures and Foundations
This 2 day workshop featuring presentations from Matergenics, TEPCO & Duke Energy will talk about corrosion-related issues in electric power transmission and distribution structures.