Protect the power grid against abnormal power system conditions and mitigate damage to system equipment while maintaining power system stability. Our Protection and Controls Interest Group brings professionals together to optimize and innovate protection and control technologies for all generation, transmission, and distribution assets. Join us as we review P&C commissioning design standards, automated/digital stations, smart P&C systems, and other new and emerging technologies.

Target Audience: Protection and Control Engineers, Subject Matter Experts or Managers.

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Generator Protection Self-Training Module
Generator protection is important for power system stability and reliability. Protection systems prevent damage to the power system equipment, avoiding high maintenance and replacement costs and revenue loss.
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Protection Self-Training Modules-Fundamental
The U.S. Power and Energy Engineering Workforce estimate that over the next five years, roughly one-half of engineers from the power and energy industry will retire or leave.
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Protection Application Standards Development Guide
Electrical utilities have realized the benefits of standardization and are starting to develop their entity-based application standards.
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September 27, 2022
Effective Grounding for High Penetration DERs within Distribution Networks
This presentation by Keaton Wheeler from Fortis Alberta will discuss about the requirements for DERs to follow to mitigate TOV risks on the distribution networks. The webinar will also talk about their implementation and lessons learned following its implementation.
April 27, 2022
Planning Presentation on NERC Standard TPL-001-5
This webinar covered a utility's interpretation of Footnote 13 a-d.
June 8, 2022
Tackling complex protection studies with PSS®CAPE
This session will talk about how PSS®CAPE 15 enables utilities to gain valuable insight into both the behavior of the grid and its protection.