Get the most out of your existing distribution assets and make the right future investments to deliver maximum value for your customers. Our Distribution Equipment and Planning Interest Group provides guidance on maintenance and condition assessment of distribution assets, improving reliability, and impacts of new technology and equipment.

Target Audience: Distribution Standards, Engineering and Planning Engineers, Managers and Supervisors.

Highlighted Research

Grid Edge Technologies & Their Potential Applications to Utility Distribution Systems
The significant rise of distributed energy resources (DER) integration in recent years has brought tremendous opportunities and challenges to power utilities. As more customers are becoming power producers, this leads to more interactions with the utilities themselves.
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Distribution System Health Indices
Currently, there are no standardized criteria for assessing the health and condition of distribution system assets to establish their end-of-life or to support replacement/repair decisions.
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Distribution System Health Indices – A Simplified Methodology
There is a tremendous need for utilities to determine current equipment conditions along with the dominant degradation factors that lead to an asset’s end of life. The health index (HI) measures the condition of an asset based on many parameters associated with the long-term degradation factors that lead to an asset’s end of life.
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Transmission & Distribution Conference 2024
Nov 19
Nov 20, 2024

Join us this November for our Transmission and Distribution Conference taking place in Palm Springs, CA on Nov 19-20, 2024! CEATI’s T&D Conference will focus on utility best practices, tools, and technologies to improve grid resiliency and reliability. Attendees will gain a better understanding of opportunities and tools available to aid in the adaptation to regulatory requirements and climate change.

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Highlighted Webinars

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August 18, 2022
Get Smart: How to Serve Your EV Customers & Optimize Load With Smart Meters
This webinar will cover how smart meter data identifies both the locations and charging patterns of EVs that utilities can use to build more effective grid management strategies
May 26, 2022
Thematic Discussion: Storm Hardening of Distribution Systems
This session will be an open discussion on “Storm Hardening of Distribution Systems” and how utilities such as Duke Energy Corporation, Hydro Québec-Quebec & National Grid are improving the resiliency of electricity distribution systems.
June 1, 2022
ETWG Training Webinar: The Impact of EV Load on the Grid
This webinar will cover the impact of EVs on various grid systems, the need for proper planning and load forecasting, vehicle 2 home and grid modernization. Ahmed Mousa from PSEG will be the presenter.