Study, evaluate, and utilize emerging grid-edge technologies and practices with our Energy and Integration Strategy Interest Group. You’ll learn about the latest in integration of distributed energy, intermittent renewables, and emerging generation technologies, as well as transmissions and distribution storage, flexibility, and demand response. Support strategic planning by monitoring and evaluating technological, economic, and regulatory developments that could be disruptive, transformative, or beneficial to the utility business model.

Target Audience: Engineers, Managers, Specialists, and Planners in Innovation, R&D, Strategic and Generation Planning.

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Strategy and Innovation Conference 2024
May 14
May 15, 2024

Join us in Minneapolis, MN on May 14-15, 2024, for CEATI’s Strategy and Innovation Conference! Learn from your peers and other power industry experts as they share best practices and examine emerging trends and technologies.

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August 18, 2022
Get Smart: How to Serve Your EV Customers & Optimize Load With Smart Meters
This webinar will cover how smart meter data identifies both the locations and charging patterns of EVs that utilities can use to build more effective grid management strategies
June 1, 2022
ETWG Training Webinar: The Impact of EV Load on the Grid
This webinar will cover the impact of EVs on various grid systems, the need for proper planning and load forecasting, vehicle 2 home and grid modernization. Ahmed Mousa from PSEG will be the presenter.
March 2, 2022
Grid-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems
This virtual workshop will provide CEATI participants with the most updated topics on Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), focusing on utility-scale applications.